Drew Erdelack

"Drew truly went above and beyond to not only help with making sure I got the perfect place but also provided insight into the area and great places to visit or eat. Having moved from out of town, this really helped me feel confident in my decision! His customer service was extraordinary." - Gianna

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, my mom told me that once people move out west, they never come back. After living and working in Chicago for many years as a high school math teacher and coach, I decided to move out to Colorado to embrace my passion for being active and experiencing the outdoors. Unfortunately for my mom, I can’t see myself ever going back to the midwest!  


When I left Chicago, I knew that I wanted to enter into a career that I could be equally passionate about, and still be able to help people. I am fortunate to work at 8Z, as I enjoy connecting with people and building relationships in order to help clients buy and sell homes. I pride myself on working for my clients and helping them enjoy the process of buying and selling homes as much as I do.


When I’m not working, you can find me going on adventures in the mountains, watching Cleveland sports, or spending time (preferably travelling!) with family and friends.